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Their Vision

Their goal is to provide the industry and its consumers with innovative alternatives to the traditional structure of natural health products. Their approach, like a trident, has three prongs. ECO PACKAGING, their patented BULK DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, and  QUALITY STANDARDS.

Eco Packaging

They firmly believe that as residents of the environment it is their duty to act faithfully as stewards. In an effort to reduce their impact on the environment they supply their products in two forms. The first being their patented bulk bins for the distribution of dietary supplements. These UV protected bins dispense into opaque film bags and focus on the reduction of traditional plastic and glass bottling packaging. At the end of this bags life it can be down-cycled, and if it ever, hopefully never, found its way into a landfill it would be minimally invasive in its spatial impact. The second being their Mylar packaging that focuses entirely on the reduction of impact on landfills. This light and flexible material uses less PET material than the cap of a standard bottle/glass solution and lays flat at the end of its life cycle.

Bulk Distribution System

As you browse your local health food store you realize most of everything you desire can be purchased in bulk. One of the exceptions being dietary supplements – but what if you could? That was the thought of Mark James, the Co-Founder and CEO of VitalBulk, who created the patented distribution system of VitalBulk®. Their revolutionary UV protected distribution system works to minimize environmental impact while simultaneously reducing the cost of dietary supplements. These systems distribute product into opaque film bags which eliminate the costly impact of traditional bottling solutions and lower the carbon footprint per pill. Customers also save money by using dispensers as they are allowed to invest as much, or as little, funding into their daily supplement needs.

Quality Standards

VitalBulk®’s goal is to provide innovative quality free of compromise. In an effort to achieve their goals at VitalBulk, they have robust and rigorous quality standards. Each and every raw material, packaging component, procedure, and finished good undergo severe scrutiny.  This ideology has lead them to stay at the forefront of the natural product industry by transitioning their entire line to a magnesium stearate free formulation. The sheer effort to move forward with this proposition may seem daunting but it is entirely worthwhile to provide customers with the cleanest possible product. They firmly believe that this goal is in line with the basic fundamentals of superior quality – to provide a product that doesn’t just “get the job done” but excels in its function based on its design. They see that their standards are not an end but merely the beginning of persistent innovation.


Bättre Hälsa

Bättre Hälsa (better health) started in the home of the first founder in 1980. Not unusual for smaller one-man businesses. Then it was only the Monthly Money Box that was better sold. Separate vitamins and minerals were stopped by hand in 30 small plastic bags and then placed in a larger bag. Deliveries were usually made “manually” at the beginning – ie home run.

The monthly bag MåBättre became just popular, as it was pure megadoses it was about, and many got a big shot of a daily dose. People got very excited and felt better (MåBättre!).

In the end you have to have a dealer and it became Strindbergsboden who started selling the Monthly Bag. The deal was actually under Strindberg’s floor on Drottninggatan in Stockholm.

It accelerated sales, but then another problem arose. One does not stop putting all the tablets down manually in the bags. It was still 8-10 tablets that would be picked from different containers, into a small bag that would be sealed and then these 30 bags in a large bag that would also be sealed. The monthly bag was also available in different variants, one for children, one for “normal” and a mega-mega dose bag.

Then contacted “Inventive-Jocke” – who built a large machine, with a container that spun around during quite difficult chatter. At the bottom of the container, there were holes of different sizes, which the tablets and capsules of different sizes could slip through and fall into the small bag. But since the small tablets could slip into the larger holes, one had to make holes with different shapes that matched the shape of the individual tablets.

Yes, it went as it went, some bags received double doses of some vitamins, or none at all, but the manufacture of the monthly bag continued into the early 1990s. Now by hand again, and under more precise control. We checked the weight of each small bag. Much like IKEA does for its seizure bags, to avoid customers coming back and wondering why there was no vitamin C, though two mineral tablets etc. We had a picture on the label of how each tablet looked and what it was.

Now Better Hälsa had begun to expand and we moved from 1990 from a basement room in Hökarängen to Strindbergsgatan on Nedre Gärdet, a parallel street to Valhallavägen, a stone’s throw from fashionable Östermalm. At the same time, we took the opportunity to open stores, if only 10 square meters.

The range was increased all the time and we now had all the separate vitamins and minerals in the jar plus a lot of other assortments. Then we came up with the ingenious idea of redesigning MåBättre to a multivitamin, that is, an all-in-one tablet to avoid the pick. Though the recommended dose was 6 tablets. So a big dose still. People who never tried vitamins before, or bought one-on-one at the pharmacy, said they had never been so keen before. With time-delayed excretion also – advanced. Now we also began to sell to therapists and health food stores increasingly.

Internet sales had slowly come to life again after the big crash and we started a website. A home built where the orders came in via fax (for all young people: a fax is a large telephone with flattery paper that often stuck in the machine).

The range was expanded all the time and we became more and more accurate with the quality.

The customer base grew steadily and Better Health expanded. Celebrities came down and traded, a world-class tennis star told with a twinkle in his eye that he won a grand slam tournament thanks to our Kraft powder; a famous opera singer could not sing without our Calmag; a member of Europe would definitely have our vitamin C. Sweden’s strongest 50-year-old at that time just needs our MustBetter and protein; Sweden’s fastest 50-year-old bought half of the range and Sweden’s best shooter got a better view with Mega Vital liquid multivitamin – which made him an even better shooter, far up in the ages. When different world stars came to Sweden for concerts, we often received orders from the American vitamins that we imported.

We moved once more, a little further down the street, but also that room became too small. Then we moved out of the city and located ourselves in the place that we are still in, in Enskede not far from the Globe, next door to the unique Skogskyrkogården, excellent as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. In the beginning we were not going to have a deal, but the customers in Stockholm came out to us anyway and wanted to buy, so now we have a “store shop”.

The expansion continues and today we deliver to many therapists and health food stores, as well as many online stores. Pharmacies also buy from us and we also sell a lot to our neighboring countries.

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Nutrina supplements are made with top-quality ingredients without allergenic binders or fillers. They are always fresh and come with full potency guarantees.

As a customer of Nutrina Direct, you are no doubt aware of the many steps taken to ensure the nutritional supplements we carry are the highest quality available. This is accomplished by having a very stringent quality control department (at the vitamin manufacturer) that tests every new ingredient to ensure it meets their high standards. You would be surprised at the amount of raw material they return to suppliers because they are not up to their standards of purity and quality. All this to ensure you have the nutritional supplements you need to keep your body in the best possible condition.



Their Purposes and Goals

We hope you’re in good health because that’s our business – your good health.

Helping Hands has been looking after your health for over 23 years!

Their goals are:

To improve lives through better nutrition.
By helping people rid themselves of the ravages of modern day living – bad food, drugs, stress, etc. – and by assisting them with good, sound nutrition, they can help people lead more comfortable lives, with less attention on the body.
A drug-free, healthy country.
They are very involved with drug rehabilitation. They support the activities of an international drug rehabilitation program called Narconon and its sister program, Criminon – which is run in the Pretoria Magistrates Court. Helping Hands is very proud to be associated with these organizations.
They don’t only take care of people here in Johannesburg; they also service people all over South Africa, in other countries on the African continent, and even people living as far away as in Taiwan, Australia, the United States and even Sweden.

In summarising, their purpose is to get people’s attention off their bodies so they can spend time on activities which make them feel good and/or so they can be more productive.

In reflecting over the past ten years, they am very proud of what they are doing, what they have achieved and they are especially proud of the Helping Hands team that is doing it.

Their staff members are dedicated and always willing to go the extra mile.

Service is their keynote.